Today Show at the Vatican

I was excited to see the Today Show dedicated significant time this week to a visit to Rome and an audience with the Pope!   Included are several spots with Archbishop Dolan (Pres. of USCCB).  What wonderful publicity.  Take a few moments to check out these videos.






Rainbow Over Tripler This Morning

Hanauma Bay

This is perhaps the best place I've ever been lucky enough to snorkel -- shallow, clear water, tons of reef, and plenty of friendly fish.  I even swam within arms length of a Honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle)! Camera was on the shore though.

Can you see the turtle below?

An incredible drive!

Dole Plantation

Dole Plantation -- total tourist trap, but good for an hour or two of diversions.  They claim to have the largest maze -- a creation of hedgerows of hibiscus.  Explored the gardens behind with oodles of varieties of pineapples.  Topped off the visit with Pineapple Ice Cream -- mmmm :-)

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Hiking Mount Olympus

Tripler Ridge to Stairway to Heaven

The view of Honolulu (left) and Airport on the right.

Flowers from the middle of the rainforest on the way up.

Trail followed the ridge -- which only got narrower as we climbed. Steep walls falling to the left and to the right meant tremendous visibility in all directions.

View from the top!

Ridgeline crossing to the Stairway to Heaven -- strong winds were rising from the windward side over the Pali of the Koo'lau range.

Stairway to Heaven (on the way down)

View of H3 from above.